Intrathecal Pump Targeted Drug Delivery

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Intrathecal Pump Targeted Drug Delivery services offered in Knoxville, TN

An intrathecal pump is a small implant that delivers pain management drugs to people with the most severe chronic pain disorders. At Pain Medicine of the South in Knoxville, Tennessee, the experienced team specializes in helping people manage their pain, even when other treatments don’t help. The team uses SynchroMed™ programmable intrathecal pump for targeted drug delivery and optimal effectiveness. Call Pain Medicine of the South to request a consultation or book online today.

What is intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery?

Targeted drug delivery offers effective relief for patients with severe long-term pain. It delivers medication directly into the spinal fluid using a programmable pump.

The pump is intrathecal, meaning your provider implants it under your skin. The implanted pump sends pain medication into the spinal area where you have pain receptors.

Intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery improves your daily functioning and enables you to participate in more activities.

What advantages does intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery offer?

Intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery reduces or eliminates the need for oral pain medication, which has several significant benefits.

First, avoiding oral medicines prevents many of the side effects they can cause. Instead of going through your digestive system like pills, intrathecal pump medication goes straight to the root of your pain. This targeted drug delivery system keeps medicines away from places they aren’t needed, minimizing adverse reactions like nausea and diarrhea.

In addition, you need less of the drug than you would if you were taking oral medication. A proportion of any pill you swallow inevitably gets lost as it works its way out of the gut and into the nervous system. With an intrathecal pump, you benefit from the entire dose and can often reduce the quantity you use.

Another advantage of intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery is that you can maintain a constant, regulated dose throughout the day and match your pain levels. This is far more effective at controlling pain.

What does intrathecal pump implantation involve?

Implantation involves your provider making a small incision in your abdomen and fitting the device under your skin. Pain Medicine of the South uses SynchroMed programmable intrathecal pumps. Attached to the pump is an Ascenda® catheter, a thin, flexible tube that delivers your medication.

Following implantation, your provider uses the SynchroMed Clinician Programmer to set the dose and frequency to best suit your needs. You take home a myPTM® Personal Therapy Manager, a handheld device that allows you to have an extra dose when your pain flares up.

You attend follow-up appointments to allow your provider to check the implant and assess your well-being. When the pump needs refilling, you return to the office for more medicine.

Call Pain Medicine of the South to learn how you could benefit from intrathecal pump targeted drug delivery or request an appointment using the online booking form.