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ReActiv8 Procedure

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If you have lower back pain that doesn’t respond to treatments like physical therapy or steroid injections, the ReActiv8® procedure could help. The highly skilled physicians at Pain Medicine of the South in Knoxville, Tennessee, specialize in performing the ReActiv8 procedure to relieve the most severe and persistent back pain. To see if you’re a good candidate for ReActiv8 implantation, call Pain Medicine of the South today or book an appointment online.

What is the ReActiv8 procedure?


The ReActiv8 procedure involves implanting a neurostimulation device into your lower back to control pain. The device consists of an IPG (implantable pulse generator), a magnet, two stimulation leads, and a wireless remote.

Neurostimulation uses electrical impulses that target the nerves responsible for pain. ReActiv8 delivers electrical energy to the nerves controlling your lumbar multifidus muscle — a major muscle responsible for stabilizing your lower back.

Muscle atrophy (wasting) and poor muscle strength in the lower (lumbar) spine are among the main causes of long-term low back pain. Patient Testimonials

Why would I need to undergo the ReActiv8 procedure?

You might benefit from the ReActiv8 procedure if you have chronic back pain that isn’t improving with other treatments.

Many patients at Pain Medicine of the South respond well to conservative treatments for lower back pain, such as physical therapy and medication. Others require steroid injections to get relief from their pain.

If you’ve tried these treatments and others without success and surgery isn’t an option, the ReActiv8 procedure offers an alternative solution for suitable patients.

How does ReActiv8 work? 

The Pain Medicine of the South team implants the ReActiv8 IPG in your lower back and attaches stimulation leads to the lumbar multifidus muscle.

The nerve stimulation triggers controlled contractions in the muscle. Used regularly, it helps you regain your muscle strength and control, improves spinal stability, and relieves lower back pain at its source.

You can adjust the stimulation and muscle contractions ReActiv8 generates using a remote control. This enables you to achieve optimal comfort levels.

What does the ReActiv8 implantation procedure involve?

Before they implant the ReActiv8 device, the Pain Medicine of the South team performs a prone instability test that establishes lumbar and/or pelvic instability. Or they might order an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to check for multifidus muscle weakness.

The implantation procedure takes about an hour. Before the procedure, patients receive a regional anesthetic and a sedative, so they're awake during the operation but feel calm and relaxed. General anesthesia is available when necessary

Your surgeon makes an incision in your lower back and inserts the ReActiv8 IPG. They attach one electrode to each side of the multifidus muscle, ensuring they’re in exactly the right position to allow you complete control.

Studies show that most patients receiving the ReActiv8 device experience significant symptom improvement after 120 days.

To learn more about the benefits of ReActiv8, call Pain Medicine of the South today or book an appointment online.